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We are committed to providing an exceptional venue to our program participants. The way we communicate, engage, anticipate, and respond to our program participants will clearly indicate our passion for serving others.


We live, promote, implement, and require application of the Golden Rule – program participants, partners and supporting members.


We strive to make each member of our participating programs feel welcome, regardless of demographic.

We value each program participant, partner, supporting member; each adds value to our mission.


We recognize that Veteran’s Victory Alliance is bigger than any one supporting member. We are all volunteers, each with unique skills. We are kind to each other. We actively look out for each other so that we maintain life balance, and ultimately sustain the health and momentum of the organization.


We believe that transparency breeds trust and we welcome scrutiny, curiosity, and inspection. We have nothing to hide or protect beyond the dignity and confidentiality of our program participants.

Our Vision is to become the venue of choice in Montana for Veteran and First Responder non-profit programs looking for an exceptional outdoor venue and experience.  

How Do We Do It?

In coordination with like-visioned non-profits, we host Veteran and First Responder programs promoting health wellness and recreation with respect for the environment.   

Our Organization

Veteran’s Victory Alliance is a 501c3 organization that places physical and emotional well-being above all else. We are dedicated to serving the heart, the mind, and the spirit of those individuals that have made it their mission to keep us safe.

Memorial Brick

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to make a permanent tribute to a loved one who served by purchasing a memorial brick. Your purchase will increase the size and beauty of our Honor Garden, and will also go to our capital campaign for building additional guest cabins and a dining hall.

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